Monday, September 26, 2011

Let them shine

My dad would always tell me, “You just let him think it was his idea.” He was referring to my husband and the decisions we have made along the way. No matter what our age, we all need to feel that we excel at something. It’s easy to cripple people’s efforts by shooting down their ideas. As my family knows I am a good aim. This attitude has handicapped those around me. It can slowly steal their dignity...

So how do you instill power in others? By letting them emit light! By trusting that they will make the right choice, that they have the ability to succeed. I see in my husband and children more than just good qualities; I see excellence, waiting to shine. The sad part is that I can be a dark shadow that never allows their brightness through. The better choice would be to reflect the rays and allow all to benefit from their glow.

My dad let others shine. He genuinely believed in their chance of success. No matter how crazy the idea was, he led you to believe you could do it. He talked of others’ accomplishments, not his own. He could discern your strengths and help you put them into practice.

It takes a quiet confidence to believe in others. It’s not thinking that others will always make the right decision. It’s trusting that, even if they don’t, it’s a chance worth taking. I don’t succeed at every endeavor, but I learn from my failures. Instead of trying to prevent others from making mistakes or achieving success, help them find their power. Believe in them, trust their instincts and bestow honor upon them. You will soon be warmed by the light that rises on the horizon.

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I completely agree, our words are so powerful and it makes sense to use them to build up- which sometimes takes a bit of restraint on our part.