Thursday, March 10, 2011

Don’t always share your accomplishments

“Misery loves company!” is a quote I heard often as a child. But if that quote is true, then there should be a counterweight: “Delight disgusts the depressed.” When you are down in the dumps, wallowing in the misery of life, the last thing you want is a phone call from “Chipper Joe” telling you what an amazing event he just experienced. It feels like pouring jalapeño juice into an open wound.

You have to be tactful when you experience both joy and misery. You’ll find a rare few who will want to support you in both, but the odds are against you. The majority of people only like to hear your good news when they are having their own success, and even then they will feel much more satisfaction from your failure.

This seems to be human nature. Secretly, we want to be the most successful, beautiful, smart, lucky and talented. We usually come to the realization at some point (for me it was in kindergarten) that we are not, but the illusion persists. Our brain is a magician. It can pull any rabbit out of the hat, and this one is called envy.

You may have met this rabbit called Envy: he’s green, and he also goes by the names Rivalry, Jealousy and Covetousness. The feeling starts as a small twinge in the pit of your stomach, which turns into a day of “Why me? Everyone else has all the luck. It’s not fair!” In one short conversation, “Chipper Joe” has pushed you off the edge of the steep ravine, into the ditch of dismay.

The wisdom comes in knowing who to call on your brilliant days and who to run to on your foggy days. Wisely choose those who will enjoy your success and shine from your accomplishments, as opposed to those secretly hoping that your ship will run ashore. Your success should be shared, just not with everyone!

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Jacob said...

I love your blog more than usual today. I have that problem everytime one of my frienda gets engaged, married, or even starts dating someone seriously. im gappy for them and secretly hope something equally bad happens to them.

Aubrey said...

Totally understand Jacob:-)